Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rising star watch: Brian Casteel

Brian Casteel has been on a hot streak with impressing people at Charter Oak High (Covina) and during 7on7 tournaments with his club team Rhare Breed Blue. Casteel is now on some major college football teams' radar (photo by Lorenzo J. Reyna). 
Can Brian Casteel become a steal for someone?

There's lots to like about the Class of 2017 wide receiver from Charter Oak High School in Covina. From size, to speed all the way to fearlessness, Casteel has the makings of a heavily recruited wideout. So far, USC, Fresno State, Washington and San Diego State are among the schools talking to Casteel and wanting to know more about him.

Here's a closer look:

WHAT TO LIKE: He's a burner. He'll side-step or zoom past a cornerback and have his defender playing catch up. It takes him only three seconds to gain separation between him and his opponent. Catches the football with his hands extended out or with his palms nestled near his torso. Not only does he have quick feet, but has a head fake that can fool defenders with which way he's going. He's done his most damage as a deep threat but shows the fortitude to go inside on bubble screen passes and dart through the defense. Shows excellent balance after the catch and keeps his feet going after contact is made. He doesn't take his eye off of the football especially in double coverage or in jump ball situations in the red zone. Athletic enough to out-jump a cornerback in the end zone for possession of the ball.

WHAT TO BUILD ON: I noticed he's defeated most of his defenders when they play off of him. I'll need to see more of his ability to fight off press coverage and find out how physical he can be at the line of scrimmage. Also need to see more of his blocking ability.

OVERALL: I got a feeling that Casteel will be on a lot of major college football teams' short list when it comes time to fill the 2017 recruiting class. He looks like a young Jeremy Maclin (Kansas City Chiefs) right now.

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