Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Louisville for Northern California versatile stud

Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, who's played varsity football at Rancho Cotate (Rohnert Park) since his freshman year, announced his decision to commit to Louisville on Monday, May 4 (photo credit 24/7 sports). 
Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, who stacked 16 scholarship offers during his recruiting period, decided to end his college search on Monday, May 4, by choosing Louisville.

The athletic 6-foot-2 wide receiver, safety and return man from Rancho Cotate of Rohnert Park, Calif., was offered by the likes of Boston College, Boise State, Fresno State, Arizona and Utah before deciding that the Cardinals out of the Atlantic Coast Conference was the right fit for him.

Here's a closer look at who the Cardinals are getting out of Taylor-Yamanoha:

WHAT TO LIKE: He catches just about everything with his hands. He does a consistent job of extending out his palms, waits for the football to touch his hands, then hauls in the reception. Athletic enough to pull down the one-handed grab or re-adjust himself for the air ball. He has a smooth explosion once the ball is snapped and gets behind the cornerback in a span of three seconds. Shows fearlessness and focus against both man and zone coverage. Has some slippery moves in the open field like a slot wide receiver. Not only does he show fluid feet, but he has a second gear with his speed and can turn short throws into long gains.

WHAT TO BUILD ON: Since he's a tall target, I'll need to see if he can catch the passes low to the ground. Also need to see his consistency with fighting off press man situations. At currently 174 pounds, he'll still need to add muscle down the road.

OVERALL: Taylor-Yamanoha is a big time pick up for Louisville. He's a big wideout with the acceleration and elusiveness of a slot receiver. He's clearly one of the hardest receivers to cover in Northern California.

More on Taylor-Yamanoha can be found here.

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