Monday, November 16, 2015


Marques Evans went into lock down mode this past year at cornerback, which has turned Newbury Park's 2017 prospect into a possible hot commodity on the recruiting trail (photo credit: 
The corner of Lesser Dr. and N. Reino Rd. in Newbury Park, Calif. is where you’ll locate “Evans Island.”

Marques Evans of Newbury Park High School emerged as one of the top island cornerbacks in the 805 this past year and, with another year of high school eligibility left, the 2017 prospect looks like the Panthers’ next highly-wanted college football prospect.

While Evans has shown his versatility through kickoff returns and playing wide receiver, it’s his skills at cornerback that has Cali Gold Mine glued. Here’s a closer look:

WHAT TO LIKE: He already passes the size test at a reported 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. Tall cornerbacks have become all the buzz for college and NFL teams with the emergence of Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman. He covers and hovers over a wide receiver during man coverage like a fast moving cumulonimbus cloud. Has a long wing span that comes in good use when the ball is thrown his way in the end zone. Does an excellent job of keeping himself locked onto a receiver and rarely gives up any pass, proven by the eight pass deflections he had when tested by quarterbacks this past season. On screen passes, he closes fast on the football and tackles the ball carrier like a hard-hitting safety. Physical player who comes equipped with a mean streak for all four quarters.

Evans tripled as a cornerback, receiver and return ace for the 6-5 Newbury Park Panthers in 2015-16 (photo credit: Michael Coons/Acorn Newspapers). 

WHAT TO BUILD ON: Need to see more of his ability to play the run, especially against toss sweep or option plays. Though he’s done fairly well when he plays off of a receiver, he’s been more effective at playing up at the line of scrimmage against wideouts.

OVERALL: Evans is a marquee talent at a traditional powerhouse in Ventura County. The size/speed/aggression trifecta that he brings at cornerback should make him a highly-wanted college prospect. The junior, who intercepted three passes for the 6-5 Panthers in 2015-16, says UCLA is the lone school talking to him so far. His cornerback skills makes him look like current Bruin DB Adarius Pickett.

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