Monday, November 17, 2014

Rising star watch: Ruben Guerra

Liberty-Bakersfield's Ruben Guerra - who holds no scholarship offers - has been the Patriots' go-to blocker when they need to have running lanes open. Guerra is a 6-foot-5 left tackle prospect (photo contributed).
In the trenches at Liberty-Bakersfield stands a towering, 6-foot-5, 290-pound specimen who could be the most intriguing lineman for the Patriots since Cody Temple (USC, Class of 2010 graduate of LHS).

The skyscraper on the Patriot line is 2015 prospect Ruben Guerra.

Guerra's size at left tackle might be what makes him a coveted prospect, but it's what he does with his size that gets me thinking he can be a fixture for a four-year program's front line.

Here's a closer look at Guerra:

WHAT TO LIKE: He's a prowler in the run game. He does an excellent job with locking his palms, sinking his hips, then driving his legs forward so he can bury his blocking assignment to the grass. He won't stop blocking on first contact. Shows good hips in pass blocking and stays squared up with his defender. Lastly, he dominates his one-on-one battles. 

WHAT TO BUILD ON: He's slow off the ball once it's snapped. He doesn't show the quickest feet during pass blocking, which could be a red flag for a college seeking a blind side protector.

OVERALL: He may not be the best athlete on the Liberty line, but Guerra certainly makes up for that with his mean streak, which to me should be more desirable for college coaches. His run blocking reminds me of former Reedley High standout Ivan Espiritu, who's now lining up for the Sacramento State line. Guerra could be a solid right tackle or guard at the next level. He's the top road clearer for the Patriots' most dynamic athlete: University of Arizona commit Anthony Mariscal.

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