Monday, November 3, 2014

Rising star watch: Marshaun Cameron

Marshaun Cameron of Los Angeles Cathedral has emerged as a versatile late bloomer for the 8-1 Phantoms (photo contributed).
Los Angeles Cathedral has a Phantom who knows how to haunt defensive backs and wide receivers.

Marshaun Cameron is L.A Cathedral's late riser on the recruiting trail, and perhaps one of L.A. county's best kept secrets.

Here's a further breakdown of the Class of 2015 prospect:

WHAT TO LIKE: It's one thing to have versatility, but how about having a player who aggressively attacks coverages on offense, then shows the same attack mode as a press cornerback? Cameron does both. Offensively, he runs crisp routes and does an excellent job of fooling defenders with where he's going. With a 4.5 40-yard dash time, Cameron is already a match up problem in man coverage because of his speed. He's dangerous with his cuts to the outside and has an array of moves with the football in his hand. Returns kickoffs and has a running back's vision with locating a hole, then dashing through the opening. Defensively, he has an offensive lineman's mean streak in press man situations. He won't just pop someone in the chest once, he'll try to drive a wide receiver to the ground or shove him toward the water jugs. He's got solid closing speed and has eight pass breakups in nine games for 8-1 Cathedral. Cameron is valuable on special teams too, with two blocked field goals.

WHAT TO BUILD ON: His size (5-foot-8, 180-pounds) will unfortunately turn most college coaches away, especially with taller cornerbacks helping revolutionize the position. Though he can blanket a receiver, I haven't seen much of his ability to be a ball hawk. On offense, I need to see his ability to consistently attack the field on middle routes. He seems to do his most damage on corner routes in the end zone. Also need to see more of his blocking ability.

OVERALL: Cameron - who holds a 3.2 grade point average - has overcome a quiet junior season to put together a strong senior campaign. Last year, he played in only five games. But this season, he's had an active role in the Phantoms' pursuit of a possible share of the Angelus League title. He's a feisty, spirited player and someone should love his coverage ability or route running.

More on Cameron can be viewed here.

Also, check out his Under The Radar Sports Media film: 

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