Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Sleeper list: RB's (Part 4)

For this one, we'll look at the South Central Valley running backs, which has produced names like Princeton McCarty (Idaho) and of course current San Diego Charger starter and former Fresno State star Ryan Mathews.

Bakersfield Region


Explosive, powerful, determined, and pretty big for someone in the backfield.

Jountii stands at 6-feet-1 and nearly 200 pounds of punishment. He seems to thrive on contact and has shown an ability to not only bounce off of defenders, but lower the boom with his shoulder pads. He's also an effective cutback runner, and shows tremendous vision up the field which helps explain his long breakout runs.

One flaw I can think of though is after looking at Jountii closely, he does tend to carry the football away from his chest, plus he sometimes resorts to swinging his arms with the ball still away from his body. That led to three fumbles for him last season. He also doesn't appear to have blazing speed. Carrying nearly 200 pounds at the high school level won't always make you a speed demon.

If he can correct that ball-handling skill, plus build off of last season's 200 carry, 1,349 yard, and 12 touchdown season in 2011 though, Jountii could be the next best running back in the Bakersfield region, even with former Cal commit Deon Martin of Stockdale nearby.



Tripp shared running back duties last season for the nearly perfect Wolf Pack, but Tripp might be more of the trailblazer.

The incoming senior, who's also a track star for Ridgeview, finished the 2011 year with 1,042 yards on 159 carries, an average of 6.5 yards per carry, and 13 touchdowns for the 12-1 Pack.

Tripp has the blazing speed, but his size may be somewhat of a drawback, since he was listed at 5-foot-8, 175 pounds.

Still though, for a much younger Wolf Pack squad, expect Tripp to see the football lots and lots of times.


He's another small, but gritty and hard-nosed back for the state of California.

Perez stands at 5-foot-9, and around 190 pounds. He didn't appear to be easily brought down by too many defenders though, since he showed an ability to keep himself balanced, stay squared, and keep his legs moving for the extra yards. He also showed some good vision and was able to make cuts when needed.

Perez, like Jountii, is another runner that may not be the fastest as of now, since Perez's reported 40 time was 4.8. However, he does have a very strong lower body thanks to a 540 pound squat, which should definitely explain why he's able to break a few tackles. Perez might be one of the more underrated backs in the 661.



contributed photo
There's no telling what the 5-foot-11, 220 pound Douglas will be at the next level, especially with Arizona and Missouri currently on the table. What I can tell you is this, he's got a nasty streak.

As a runner, Douglas is a gritty north-south grinder who even shows stunning burst for a guy his size. He also seems to look for someone to run over when he has the rock. He shows a running back-like vison and even makes cutbacks on his own. If you also watch his film, he even has a shocking hurdle over a few defenders.

Douglas (photo) can even catch out of the backfield from his fullback spot. I also like his nasty streak as a blocker. He didn't come off as a guy who will just pop you once and that was it. Douglas will try to drive block you until the back of your jersey gets planted on the field.

Douglas also plays middle linebacker and showed to be a tackling machine there as a run-stuffer. While he does tend to run upright as a runner, and while he hasn't been utilized as a pass rusher at linebacker, Douglas is capable of making one Division-I school very happy. He can be an effective force as either an h-back, short yardage runner, or inside linebacker. He's one to watch down in Kern County.


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