Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Release the Macklin

Photo courtesy of Max Preps
Much like his fellow Sacramento Charter teammate Demetrius Watts, Louis Macklin also appears to have a size issue when he gets on the field.

But just like Watts, he too will make up for it, in a variety of ways.

While Watts bounces inside and outside from his linebacker spot, the slightly taller 5-foot-8, 170 pound Macklin (photo) is utilized in a variety of ways for the Dragons, as he lines up as a slot receiver and even gets carries from the backfield.

Macklin looks to me like he can be an effective fly sweep guy. It seems like his biggest strength when carrying the rock is his ability to turn the corner and work up the field. However, he's also exhibited a knack for cutting back inside then exploding through that open hole.

An area though that stood out to me for Macklin? Not his receiving, tackling, or even his running, his blocking. Yes, his blocking.

Macklin showed off a grittiness to him when going down field and opening things up for the Dragon run game. He may not go for the highlight-reel lay out with his blocking, but he'll get in front of a guy, place his hands between the numbers, and show off a feisty drive block reminiscent of a glorified offensive tackle.

He also plays on the defensive side of the ball and he'll use his hands very effectively there too. Macklin doesn't seem to be afraid to play up and press hard at the line. His size just may come in handy there too, since he can get low enough to win the leverage battle. He's also shown a rare jumping ability when getting interceptions, proven by his highlight film.

Because of his outside speed, vision when running and even his drive blocking, I actually tend to favor him more as an offensive guy, either as a slot man in a traditional offense, or perhaps a cutterback in a spread look. Watts and Macklin have the potential to help set an aggressive tone for the Dragons this upcoming year.

MORE ON MACKLIN: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/916084/highlights

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