Sunday, October 11, 2015


Elijah Alexander carries a St. Bonaventure defender on his back while catching a huge long ball during the Camarillo Scorpions' 49-20 romp on Oct. 9 (photo by Lorenzo Reyna). 
The pregame warm up involved trash talk getting posted on Twitter by St. Bonaventure players.

But in the end, Camarillo delivered the biggest 29-point statement in Southern California this season, as the Scorpions ran through and around the mighty Seraphs 49-20 in front of a standing room only crowd at Ventura College on Oct. 9.

The rout not only placed Camarillo at 6-0, but officially eliminated the “overlooked” label Cam has had in the shadow of the Seraphs…plus kept several Twitter accounts on the St. Bonnie side silent following the game.

Linebacker Brett Triebold said he and the Scorps didn’t engage in any social media banter before the contest. His response was leading a white jersey invasion in the Seraphs’ backfield and halting the run.

“I don’t really pay attention to that (Twitter). I kind of stay out of it. I think most of our team stayed out of it,” Triebold said. “We just came out and played.”

Last year, St. Bonaventure (5-2) slashed the Scorps with over 300 rushing yards, including 286 from Chris Santoyo. But from the defensive line to the secondary, Scorpion players flocked to the ball and limited the long runs.

Offensively, Jake Constantine threw for 225 yards and combined for five touchdowns, including four passing. Frankie Tostado and Isaiah Otis each were the recipients of two Constantine touchdown passes, with Tostado winning two aggressive man-on-man battles and Otis stretching screen plays into long scoring runs.

Otis acknowledged that the St. Bonnie Twitter talk psyched up his team.

“They came out and talked a lot of smack on social media, but we didn’t say anything,” Otis said. “We came out here and did our own walking and talking. It’s great to come out here and get the win against a team like that because in reality, we shouldn’t have had as many penalties like we had in this game, especially with the smack talking but to come out here for the win? It feels great.”

Tostado added: “It feels really good. Everyone here says St. Bonaventure is the top team in the 805 on this side of the hill and we just showed we can play with anybody.” 

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