Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rising star watch: Blake Walker

Central Valley Christian (Visalia) is known for its size, but at 6'7" and 312 pounds, Blake Walker (2016 prospect) is the Cavaliers' top towering presence on the offensive line (photo contributed).  
I've often asked myself this question whenever I've observed Central Valley Christian football in Visalia: is there something in that water? Those guys are huge!

Especially the behemoth I'm profiling now - Blake Walker of the Cavaliers. 

At 6'7" and 312 pounds, Walker might get mistaken as an NFL lineman if he walks down a street because of the size he carries. And after breaking him down in my film room, he definitely has what it takes to line up for a college football program's offensive line in the future.

Here's a closer look at the Cavs' 2016 tower of power:

WHAT TO LIKE: His size already makes him look like a left or right tackle, but he lines up at guard. He has the versatility and smarts to adjust at another position in the trenches. His chief strength is run blocking. He'll lock his arms into a defensive lineman right away and doesn't allow him to slip by. On occasion he'll show a mean streak and can drive his defender to the ground. He also displays a powerful pop with his palms - so powerful that it's knocked defenders to the grass in one second. Most of CVC's plays were ran toward his side last season, which shows that his team can trust his blocking. 

WHAT TO BUILD ON: Though he's shedding weight to become more agile and prepare for a pass-oriented attack next season, I need to see more of his ability to pass block, particularly against speed rushers. He lacks explosion off the snap of the ball. He tends to lunge while blocking and can work on refining his technique by sinking his hips more and staying squared up on his blocker. Also need to see more of his aggression.

OVERALL: Walker is starting to gain recognition after receiving invites to the Rivals! camp and Nike combine during the spring. A year of improvement - particularly with his pass blocking and aggressiveness - can turn Walker into a highly-coveted lineman. 

More on Walker can be seen here.  

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