Monday, February 17, 2014

Rising star watch: Demetrius Ferguson

Photo by Lorenzo J. Reyna/The Reedley Exponent
St. Mary's of Stockton has been a solid hotbed for college football talent in the 209. Demetrius Ferguson has the potential to add to the lineage.

The 2015 wide receiver has plenty to like. Here's a closer look:

WHAT TO LIKE: Ferguson (far right of photo) has soft hands and makes catches low to the ground or by extending his hands further away from his body. Shows good concentration and control of his grabs. He's slippery and shows a running back-like elusiveness. He's a speedster that can turn the bubble screen into a 40 or 50 yard gain with the speed he has. An effective deep threat as well. Can also break tackles.

WHAT TO BUILD ON: Ferguson doesn't look like a prototypical wide receiver at 6-feet, 160-pounds. Though he looks like a blazer on film, he can still refine his speed. Also need to see his consistency with fighting off jams at the line of scrimmage.

OVERALL: Ferguson only caught 30 passes last season, but averaged 17.6 yards per catch. A strong offseason in the camp/tournament scene, plus St. Mary's giving him the football more could mean the scholarship offers beginning to pile up for him. He's teamed with Stockton-based Diverse Sports, which is run by former Oakland Raider/Arizona Cardinal Al Smith and legendary Raiders defensive back George Atkinson.

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