Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mariscal - The Liberty Patroit Missile

Photo courtesy of Max Preps
Down in Kern County, perhaps no one has had a faster start than rising 2015 prospect Anthony Mariscal of Liberty-Bakersfield.

The do-everything type has to be one of the most slippery players in the Central Section. With the moves at his disposal, it's almost as if he's so slippery, he won't get wet during a heavy rain.

Mariscal is an ankle-breaking machine with the ball in his hands. His vision, cut back ability and versatility has gotten him off to a fast start for the 5-0 Patriots. He also has enough speed to cover wide receivers and close in on screen passes and sweeps. Surprisingly, despite not being the biggest guy, Mariscal has also been seen running over defenders and breaking through arm and ankle tackles.

Size is one drawback. He's roughly around 5-foot-8. However, he's been a mismatch for someone trying to cover him one-on-one this season. Mariscal is becoming one of the more explosive players in the Central Section, all the more reason he gets this new nickname by CGM: The Liberty Patriot Missile.

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