Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lockdown corners are about to do the 8-clap

Two of the best California cornerbacks in the Class of 2014 are officially Westwood bound, as El Cerrito's Adarius Pickett and Centennial-Compton's Denzel Fisher committed to UCLA on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

What type of corners are they? Time to weigh in:

Photo courtesy of espn.com

* Pickett (red shirt, pressing a WR) is a big, chiseled DB with his 6-foot-tall, 185-pound frame and brings lots of strength. The last time I saw him was at Passing Down's Best of the West State Finals in April at Fullerton. Pickett simply manhandled wide receivers with his long arms and upper body strength. His speed and hips also allowed him to shadow wide receivers for over six hours while at the tournament. He's an aggressive playmaker but does tend to bite on plays. In the end, looks like UCLA is beginning to load up on physical press cornerbacks since they got Central-Fresno's Johnny Johnson last year and now added Pickett.

More on Pickett:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8UCBohVr60

Photo courtesy of ucla.scout.com

* Fisher I also saw at the same tournament. He's leaner than Pickett at 175-pounds, but he brings a tall frame with him at 6-foot-1 and comes with athleticism. Fisher has a wide receiver-like vertical jump and can haul down the jump ball. He's also a hitter and unafraid to play in the box to stuff the run. He's another physical press corner. Bulk will be needed, but the Bruins are getting a near-complete cornerback in Fisher.

More on Fisher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJA6j78jRuo

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