Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sams Club

Photo by Lorenzo J. Reyna
Colleges looking for a big, bruising, playmaking linebacker in 2015 could probably make West Fresno one of their first stops when entering the Central Valley, since incoming junior middle linebacker Vance Sams of Edison is starting to become a fast-rising name in the region's football scene.

Sams already looks like he can play college football with his 6-foot-1, 230-pound build. He's not the complete package at linebacker, or a guy that can make jaw-dropping, highlight reel plays for right now. However, after breaking him down in my film room, he's a big difference maker for his team.

Though Sams may not blow people away athletically right now, his work ethic and desire to get better are major pluses. On the football field, he's become a Tedy Bruschi-type: A linebacker that just makes plays. Need an extra run stuffer? Sams will fly to the football. Need someone that can break up a pass? Sams can provide that. Need someone that goes sideline-to-sideline? Sams has shown to be that guy.

One thing I like about Sams is his vision. Watching him closely, he locates the football right away and closes in. He's shown good football smarts by reading where the play is going and reading the quarterback's eyes, then disrupting the play. He's spent this off-season working on his coverage skills and at different tournaments, he's impressed with his ball-hawking skills. He could be a linebacker that can get three to five interceptions for someone's defense.

Speed will be one area he can continue to work on. So far, Clemson of the Atlantic Coast Conference has sent him a letter. He gets two more varsity seasons to further develop his skills and emerge as the latest in a long line of Edison Tigers that have made the college ranks. He could also end up being the most sought-after middle linebacker in the Central Valley's 2015 class.

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