Sunday, January 13, 2013

Junior College linemen heating up

Photo by Lorenzo J. Reyna
Three different linemen are starting to gain heavy interest as the final recruiting period begins to gain ground.

One is a powerful offensive lineman now armed with 15 offers, including a recent one from the Orange Bowl Champions. Another is a versatile defender getting Football Championship Subdivision love and an Illinois offer. The final one is a high-motor defensive end who became one of the state's best pass rushers.

Here's three guys to help keep an eye on through the final recruiting push at the J.C ranks:


Kondolo has become one of the more sought-after prospects in the junior college scene, with a total of 15 offers now on the table for him, including a recent Florida State offer.

After looking at Kondolo closely, he's earned the heavy interest. Let's just say, he can be the type of guy where an offensive line coach would want five Chongo Kondolo's on his line, because of his aggressive playing style.

The gritty 6-foot-4, 290-pound Kondolo has one viscous pop at first contact that can rattle his defender, plus knock him back nearly one yard. His run blocking is his main strength. He's a mauler who wants to drive his opponent straight to the ground.

His pass blocking will need to be an area of improvement, since he doesn't always show quick feet plus he tends to have the wrong hip direction. He's also been caught standing up on occasion and tries to resort to muscling a guy around. His ability to run block plus his size might get him to move over to guard with his next team.

In the end, however, if you're a fan of brute force, you'll love watching a guy like Kondolo. Defenders don't appear to be safe when going against this rugged lineman one-on-one.

More on Kondolo can be found here.


The Tigers had one of the worst defenses in the state the last couple of years. However, you could tell who was one of the bright spots just by looking at the winner of the 2012 Golden Gate Conference Defensive Player of the Year.

Dallas (photo) is a 6-foot-4, 245-pound athletic defensive end now armed with seven offers, including Appalachian State of the FCS, Nevada of the Mountain West and Illinois of the Big Ten. Dallas has an explosive get-off from the line and can get around offensive tackles. He was more of a run stopper for the Tigers' 3-5-3 look, but he does have some pass rushing skills thanks to his hustle and refusing to stop his motor.

He does tend to rely on brute force to get past his blocks. He'll also need to polish his hand technique at the next level. Some schools have also tried to recruit him as an outside linebacker.

Dallas has excellent size and hustle to become a difference maker for his next defense. Too me, he can do more damage as a book end in a 4-3 scheme thanks to his ability to burst around the corner and stuff the run. He's next in line at a school that produced notable college football defenders Donyell Booker (Fresno State), Sylvester Brinkley (Texas Tech) and Doug Langenfeld (Auburn).

More on Dallas can be found here.


Borel was one of the fiercest pass rushers in the state - with 19 total sacks in 2012.

His first step is a freakishly explosive one. In one second, he's already five yards up the field and then chasing down the quarterback.

He does rely on a rip move to get past his blockers along with his quick burst. Like Dallas, he's another hustle player who won't stop trying. One area to wonder will be his ability to handle double teams, because he rarely drew two blockers during this past season at Butte College.  Still though, a defense in need of a pass rush should get a significant boost with Borel, who has four offers ranging from Middle Tennessee State, Troy, Texas State and incoming Big East member Houston.

More on Borel can be found here.

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