Monday, December 17, 2012

State Junior College champs getting Fresno State love

Nine days ago, Bakersfield College tight end Mike Dunn and quarterback Brian Burrell were celebrating a state junior college football championship.

Today, both might be doing a different kind of celebration - one that involves wearing Fresno State gear.

Both centerpieces to the Renegades' title run will travel North on Highway 99 and join the Bulldogs, as the duo verbally committed to Fresno State on Monday.

The move to bring in Dunn is excellent for the Bulldog offense. Current tight end Marcel Jensen is a senior. While Dunn isn't 6-foot-7 or an athletic 260-pounds like Jensen, Dunn has some physical attributes that his next team should love.

Dunn already has excellent tight end size at 6-foot-4, 240-pounds. His get-off from the line once the ball is snapped is an explosive one. His primary route looks like an out route. He did, however, line up out at wide receiver and create mismatches with opposing defensive backs. 

Last items on Dunn, he's an aggressive run-blocker and has enough hops to grab the jump ball versus any opposing defensive back.

As for Burrell, he'll bring a dual-threat dimension at quarterback for the Bulldogs. He combined for 36 touchdowns running and throwing for the Renegades and had four games of three or more touchdown passes.

He's a tough runner that's tough to bring down. The drawback, though, is that he does tend to run upright when he took off. He's also not the most polished quarterback when it comes to field vision and reading defenses.

In the end, however, Burrell is a guy who can be used in a variety of ways at his next stop. Maybe with his 6-foot-4, 210-pound frame, he too can like up with Dunn out wide.



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