Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On a "Frontier" to stardom?

Photo courtesy of berecruited.com
Jordan Nichols brings a bruising attitude - no matter where he lines up.

As a tight end, the 6-foot-2, 220-pound junior will use his brute strength to power through any defensive linemen who dares to try and touch his Frontier Titan ball carriers. When he's not blocking, Nichols looks for an opening, or contact when he runs routes at tight end.

As a linebacker, Nichols (No. 44 in the photo) looks for two things: someone to hit, or where the football is flying towards.

The Kern County 2014 prospect is beginning to make a name for himself, especially on a team where his quarterback Evan Moore and fellow two-way fullback/linebacker Triton Douglas has generated the interest of the Big 10, PAC-12, Big East and Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Nichols looks to be next in line at the Bakersfield area high school. Offensively, his route running is smooth for a prospect at 220-pounds, but its his power and determination that makes him an intriguing tight end prospect. The Titans will use him in a three-point stance or at the slot receiver position.

On defense, he's the type who can set an aggressive mindset. He'll deliver the nasty highlight reel hit where he'll bury his shoulder pad and make a ball carrier feel the grass. He's shown strong instincts at locating the football and making the tackle.

He does tend to resort to wrestling a runner down. Though he has good eyes to see where the ball is, he does tend to bite on plays and has to chase down players. His angle pursuits will need refinement as the year progresses and for his senior season. He's also not much of a pass-rusher, but his coverage skills makes him very effective versus the pass. Nichols will play the football like he's a safety. He'll patrol his territory, then use his tight end hands to haul in interceptions. He's even a threat to take picks back to the end zone with his determined running, proven by his game against West Bakersfield this year.

In the end, this Titan is on his own Frontier to get noticed. More development between now, the summer months and his senior year could keep colleges coming back to Frontier High School for him.

MORE ON NICHOLS: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/845541/highlights


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