Monday, August 27, 2012

Folsom duo now one to watch

Near the state capitol, there was a quarterback and wide receiver team that placed their own star on the California map with their monster Friday performance.

Phillip Carter is apparently being recruited as a strong safety through Yale and Harvard. His receiving performance may end up changing that.

And as for his sophomore quarterback, the record books, Folsom opponents, college programs and finally scouts (including this guy typing this) now has to follow this kid's move.

Both Carter and his quarterback Jake Browning had a Madden NFL '13-like outing on Friday during the Bulldogs' 68-28 rout over Woodcreek. For Carter, the senior tallied 10 receptions, 318 yards and five total touchdowns on the defensive side and receiving.

Browning actually became seven touchdowns shy from shattering the single national high school game record of most touchdown throws. He did break a Sac-Joaquin Section record, with a ridiculous 10 touchdowns and 686 passing yards.

Maybe Carter sneaks in more offers with continued progression. I already like his route-running skills, his size at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds and his run-after-catch ability. He's especially dangerous on screen passes because of his elusive nature and field vision. He's a player that defenses should probably not play zone with, because he'll devour that open space and go for the end zone.

As for Browning, if he averages 10 touchdowns per game, that means 100 in a single season. Doubtful he'll get to that point. However, I'm sure people had doubts that he would reach 10 touchdowns in one game, plus over 600 yards.

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